We excel in custom fabrication work. Looking at the parameters of what you have and designing, creating or re-creating fabrications to fit is the satisfaction of solving a good puzzle. Our fabrication shop capabilities include: 

  • The PlatePro Extreme Model 2000 Plasma Cutting Machine.  This machine has an effective cutting width of 8'x24' and can pierce mild steel, aluminum and stainless up to 1 ½”thick and can burn edge starting up to 3" thick mild steel. The Oxy-fuel torch can cut mild steel up to 8” thick.  This equipment includes  a CNC PC Based Control  system which allows Rebsco to take existing AutoCAD drawings and convert these for use on the cutting machine.  This machine has increased our productivity and quality, while reducing material waste.   

  • Shear which handles up to  1/2" plate x 12' long

  • 175T Press Break with capacity of 1/4" x 12' long

  • Roll which can handle up to 3/8” x 5’ plate 

  •  60T Mechanical Iron Worker 

  • 100T Geka/Hydraulic Iron Worker 

  • Drill Press 

  • Band Saw


Our 5T and 10T overhead cranes allow us to handle large projects with ease. 


Quality painting can be accomplished in our paint room.  Galvanizing is coordinated with trusted local vendors. 


Rebsco, Inc. has extensive experience in design and fabricating items used in handling bulk material. These include holding bins and hoppers, rectangular chute work, diverter valves, slide and clam gates, supporting structures, walkways, service platforms, towers, and stairways to name a few. We build to suit your needs.


Our experienced workforce strives to continually improve our methods and processes resulting in a dedicated staff, with the tools, expertise, and commitment to meet a wide variety of metal fabrication and manufacturing needs.  We are quick, reliable, and economical.  But most importantly we work to maintain the highest standards of quality Rebsco has built its reputation on.


AutoCAD 2-dimensional drawing and 3-dimensional modeling can both be used to insure we are developing the best design possible for your project.

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