• Tyeis Baker-Baumann

Bucket Elevators: Preventive Maintenance

Does your farm or facility have a bucket elevator? Even if you do not use it frequently, it is important to keep preventive maintenance top-of-mind.

Here’s a few things to remember when performing PM on you bucket elevator:

GEARBOX, MOTORS, DRIVES and REDUCERS: Check all components to be sure each is operating properly. Check alignment, temperature when under operation, lubrication levels and vibration. Check fasteners and seals and repair/tighten or replace as needed. Check the manufacturer specifications to know when to add or change oil/grease.

BEARINGS: Inspect and grease the bearings. DO NOT OVERGREASE!!!!! Check for excessive heat, unusual noise or excessive shaft movement. Bearings need to be kept CLEAN & LUBRICATED.

BUCKETS: It is a good idea to watch while under operation to see if buckets are rubbing or banging against the trunking of the bucket elevator. Check the buckets for wear & tear. Replace if damaged or missing. It is also a good idea to check the fasteners to be sure they are not too loose.

BELT: Check the belt for stretching, damage or wear and tear. Check both sides (front and back) of the belt. Check belt tracking on both pulleys in both loaded and unloaded conditions. Tighten or replace loose fasteners or belt splices.

TAKE-UPS: Check for proper operation and make adjustments as needed.

TRUNKING: Check for leaks, deterioration and obstructions. Check seals of inspection doors to insure adequate dust control and be sure safety grating is in place and in good condition. Check vertical alignment. Make adjustments to guide cables if necessary.

HEAD & BOOT : Check the condition of the liners. Repair or replace immediately, if need be. Clean out the boot. Check inspection doors & seals to be sure you have a tight enough seal for product and dust control. Be sure safety grating is in good condition and in place.

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