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Why Outsource Metal Fabrication

Though for some companies keeping metal fabrication and welding “in house” makes sense, outsourcing your custom metal fabrication can be a real asset to your business. Why?

If the primary product or focus of your business is not metal fabrication or welding, it is likely cost prohibitive or simply doesn’t make much sense to do this work on your own. Do you want to use your time, energy and resources in acquiring the equipment and skills necessary to do this type of work yourself? Do you have employees who can do this type of work effectively and efficiently? If the answer to one or both of these questions is “NO” then outsourcing is for you.

What is the best way to choose a metal fabricator? Here’s food for thought:

What type of metal fabrication do you need completed? Sheet metal? Structural? Stainless? Aluminum? Are you going to need a high volume of parts on demand? Or is this a more specialized project with design needs and longer time line? Will you be providing the material? Or will the fabricator be providing the materials as well as the labor to complete the work? Will there be specialized machining work in addition to welding, cutting, shearing, braking? Are there any special finishes? Bare steel? Or customized paint requirements? Will you require the fabricator to arrange for shipping or is that an aspect you will be arranging yourself?

Knowing the answers to these questions will help you narrow your search when looking for a fabricator that will be the right fit for you. Look not only at websites, but at social/digital media presence such as facebook, linked in, instagram, etc. Reviews are frequently available on these platforms, as are many examples and pictures of the fabricator’s work.

Once you’ve selected a few fabricators to contact, develop your request for quote. If you already have prints available, you can include these. Should you have concerns about sharing the prints, you can always request a confidentiality or proprietary agreement prior to sending the prints. If you do not have prints, a strong description of the scope of the work, including the need for design work should be a part of your request for quote. In the latter case, if the scope of work is significant or requires design, you and the fabricator should be scheduling a meeting to discuss and clarify project details. Certain projects do require on site measuring as well as an understanding of the function/purpose of the items being fabricated. Be sure the fabricator has the capabilities to do this.

At Rebsco, we do both big and small projects. Working from your prints or developing the design and lay out with you. Check out our website at Also, you will find pictures of our most recent projects on facebook , instagram , linkedin and our google business page.

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