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We Have a Full Line of Machinery for Metal Working.

Our expertise in metal fabrication shines through in the services we provide.

Our Machinery

190T Hydraulic Press Brake

A press brake is a machine specifically designed to bend sheet metal and plate.

The 190T Press Brake has the capacity to bend sheet metal as thin as 20 gauge through a ¼” plate, all up to 12’ lengths. The bend can be up to 90 degrees. Our 4-way die has vee openings of 3”, 2 ½” 1’ and ½”.

Rebsco uses this machine when working with mild steel, stainless steel and aluminum.

Guillotine Hydraulic Shear

Rebsco’s shear is designed to cut materials as thin as 18 gauge to as thick as 3/8”. This machine can handle metal up to 12’ long.

Roll Machine

Our plate roll bending machine’s function is to continuously bend plate into a shape such as an O-type or U-shape.


An ironworker can shear, notch and punch holes in steel plate.

Rebsco’s ironworker can punch holes ¼” through 10 Gauge to 1 1/8” hole in 1” plate. Additionally, it can shear angles up to 6” x 6” x ½”.

This machine is used when working with hot roll, stainless steel and aluminum.

Vertical Bandsaw

A bandsaw is a power saw with a long, sharp blade consisting of a continuous band of toothed metal stretched between two or more wheels to cut material.

Rebsco’s bandsaw can cut from 90 to 45 degree cuts and up to 14” deep and 28” tall.

This machine is used for tubing, pipe, bar, and when working with hot roll, cold roll, aluminum and stainless steel.

Plasma Table

A plasma table is a broadly used, efficient and versatile tool for cutting even heavyweight and thick materials quite quickly.

Our plasma cutting machine is computer automated allowing for a higher level of accuracy and a precise cut.

Rebsco’s plasma cutting table can pierce up to a 1 ½” thickness with up to a 3” edge start for mild steel, aluminum and stainless steel.

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